Injuries and Rehabilitation

Week 52: 52 Weeks Ago Today - 1 Year

Week 50: Realize Your Potential

Week 44: Dance #BecauseYouCan

Week 42:  Taking an Off Season

Week 41:  El Hombre Al Borde De Un Ataque De Nervios

Week 40: The Power Of Your Mind

Week 38: Appreciation: Being a good Patient/Client

Week 37: The Caretaker

Week 36: I Switch Roles

Week 35: Power of Example

Week 33: Motivation

Week 31: Breaking Point

6 Months: A Recap

Week 25: Bullying and Harassment

Week 25: Sex With A Cracked Pelvis

Week 24: Muscle Imbalances

Week 23: Time Bandits

Week 22: I revisit the Crash Site

Week 21: Commitment

Week 20: Reward

Week 19: Ditching The Crutches

Week 18: Finding Balance

Week 17: Baby Steps

Week 16: Reality Bites - (Yes I am whinning)

Week 15: Weight Bearing - Progress

Week 14: Spring Forward: Change of Time - End Chapter 3

Week 13: Ready for a Break

Week 12: I Hit The Road

Week 11: Rock Bottom

Week 10: Not Even In My Dreams Can I Walk

Week 9: You Don't Have To Do It Alone
A Life Consumed with Recovery

Week 8: There is More to Life than Bike Racing

7 Weeks Post Crash: I don't know how to be sick

6 Weeks Post Crash - Malice Sets In

5 Weeks Post Crash #BecauseYouCan

My 4 week anniversary of my bike accident where I fractured my pelvis:
How My Fractured Pelvis Changed My Life

Here is a synopsis of my last few weeks - Yesterday I got out of the hospital after 3 1/2 weeks:
My Fractured Pelvis

2 Weeks ago I went out for a bike ride - The Ride hasn't ended yet:
2 Weeks Now

My Mangled Finger
I have inserted pics of my mangled finger, be warned before you read the post
My Broken Finger

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